Just The Facts

Cottonseed oil is a versatile, plant-based oil that has been used by American culinary experts and food brands for more than a century.

Cottonseed Oil
Quick Facts


Cottonseed oil doesn’t require hydrogenation.


Cottonseed oil has a 2:1 ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fatty acids.

Its fatty acid profile generally consists of:

  • 52% polyunsaturated fat (linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid).
  • 17% monounsaturated fat (oleic acid).
  • 26% saturated fatty acids 1.

Cottonseed oil boasts relatively high levels of tocopherols, natural antioxidants that contribute to its stability 2.


Like other plant-based oils, cottonseed oil is cholesterol free 1.

Cottonseed oil nutrition facts label - Serving size 1 Tbsp (14g) - Calories per serving 120 - Total Fat 14g - Saturated Fat 4g - Trans Fat 0g - Cholesterol 0mg - Sodium 0mb - Total Carbohydrate 3mg - Dietary Fiber 0g - Total Sugars 0g - Protein 0g - Vitamin D 0mcg - Calcium 0mg - Iron 0mg - Potassium 0mg - Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central, 2019.

The American Heart Association recommends aiming for a dietary pattern that achieves 5% to 6% of calories from saturated fat to avoid elevated blood cholesterol 3.


Cottonseed Oil Is Kosher For Passover 4.